Photographer/Wardrobe Stylist

So I’ve been organizing an upcoming photo shoot I’m shooting on October 23rd and have been looking for inspirations! I’m the photographer & wardrobe stylist so I’m having to figure out all the outfits! I’m no Rachel Zoe, so I don’t get to pick outfits from designers to borrow for a shoot. I get all mine from places like macy’s, TJmaxx, marshalls, forever21, ect. &

Surprisingly I found some great stuff so far! Found this great skirt at TJmaxx! Thats a picture of it on the left(took a quick phone pic) I was inspired by both Gucci’s & Versace’s 2012 spring collection shown at Milan Fashion week!(pictures below) saw these photograph on Joe Zee’s twitter! This skirt has that same beaded, sequin look! & I love the colors/print.

Joe Zee's photo Fave looks #2 @versace
Joe Zee on WhoSay


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