Color Me Pretty

Had an amazing shoot with the best model, Kate Bierdz! She is just so amazing at facial expressions and movement between poses. very fluid. So glad we’re friends now, and are planning on another shoot soon!. Anyways, long story short….she asked me if I wanted to shoot with her(which of course I would. you can tell in her images how good she is). then we set up the concept and shoot details, we were both trying to find a makeup artist, hairstylist and wardrobe stylist. But unfortunately who I had picked out couldn’t do the date we had planned. Instead we just did it ourselves haha. I was the stylist(which I guess is my new job that I need to get better at for the sake of my future shoots), I did Kate’s hair(the same way I usually do my hair), and Kate and I attempted her makeup(which could have been better, ha!).  All in all it was pretty nice having just her and I there. It was our first time meeting in person after like 60 long messages back and forth! we literally spent most of our time just chatting, shes super sweet 🙂

The shoot was inspired by color blocking. I actually don’t wear a lot of color and neither does Kate, but while I have been trying to hone in on “fashion” to become a better stylist, I have come to love color more. I wanted to keep everything really simple because I felt like the bright colors would speak for themselves. I used one strobe light high above her to camera right to create paramount lighting, and some loops. It was really easy once we got started. I wanted there to be lots of movement in the shoot, and Kate accomplished just that with her movements.I’m very proud of this shoot, and believe my photography is improving 🙂

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photographer, wardrobe stylist, hairstylist – Zoe Michelle

model & makeup artist – Kate Bierdz


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