#iphone5 pre-order

Happy Friday! & what a good friday it is for iphone 5 fans! Had my boyfriend pre-order my iPhone 5 last night! or rather this morning at 12:01am! I was asleep so thankfully he did it for me haha, what are boyfriends for?

I decided on the black and slate combo instead of the white and silver. I myself have a white iPhone 4 right now & all my mac devices are white- iphone,ipad2, and when the new imacs come out that will be white too( i only have an old macbookpro now). But I decided the black on slate just looked so much cooler than the boring white and silver! why couldnt they do something else besides silver? makes it look just like the iphone 4 except longer. Anyways I’m excited to be receiving my new iPhone 5 next friday!

I’m mostly excited for Siri and iOS6! Since I currently have only an iPhone 4 instead of the 4S I havent even experienced Siri yet! Should be pretty neat! and yay for finally having turn by turn talking navigation! that’ll come in handy when I someday-maybe-soon move out to LA. I dont know where anything is there!

I’ve been trying to find a cute wristlet to buy to hold my new phone and ID/credit cards. You know for those night out at a club/bar or just when I’m out and dont need a purse! Unfortunately not much out there yet as far as iPhone 5 accessories, boo! I did find some kate spade cases already out on Nordstrom.com! crazy! I dont really want a case right away so I probably wont get but this one is my fave:

Well, I hope everyone was able to get their pre-orders in! I heard they only lasted for an hour before they sold out of pre-orders! Thankfully my boyfriend was smart and when he couldnt get into the website to pre-order he went onto the mac store app and easily got in 😉



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