Ikea wishlist

there are so many items I love from Ikea! I love having the ability to buy great simple design products for affordable prices! When I was in college I bought several pieces for my apartment there and to this day still have them! Now that sometime in the foreseeable future I hope to move to LA, I’ve been looking on Ikea again! I know, I’m horrible. Really the 1 thing I might buy is a new bed frame, mine is simply too large and heavy to take with me…But hey! no harm in looking and wanting things! So here’s some of the things I want:

1. ALEX drawer unit – this would be perfect for me! I think my printer would fit on top(maybe if the paper slots werent open) – I have a very large printer for printing my portfolio(prints up to 13×19 prints), and i could put all my larger paper inside. 🙂

2. DUKEN bed frame – This would be the bed frame I would buy. Simple, light, and $199. I love the cushion-y head board..& that its a grey cover so if it gets dirty, you can wash it.

3. MICKE desk – if I needed a new desk this would definitely be the desk I would buy, only $69. And I love that it has drawers! something that my current desk lacks.

4. NORDLI nightstand – this is the ultimate nightstand! why you ask? it has an outlet inside which you plug in from a cord coming off one of the legs, completely hidden! I am a huge fan of hidden cords and plug ins! But since its $79 and I don’t need a new nightstand, this will not be a purchase I will be making anytime soon. 😛



My favorite purchase of furniture that I currently own from Ikea would have to be….


This MALM occasional table – It sits in front of my bed against a wall with my tv mounted on the wall above. Whats so great about it is that its on casters and was made to slide over your bed to use as a table! So theoretically I can sit in bed and work on my computer while its right on the desk over my legs! I say “theoretically” because my current bed frame is very large and I have my bed fairly high, so unfortunately I cannot do this right now :(. But the fact that I could do this excites me! And once I get rid of my large bed frame I will be very happy to have this piece of furniture.



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