Bar Cart Dreams

Obsessed with this AMAZING bar cart! I’ve been wanting to have my own bar cart for forever!(click the picture to buy) unfortunately this one is a bit out of my price range @ $500, but its great inspiration for my future bar cart! Still hoping someday to walk into a thrift store and see one of these except older and be able to paint it and fix it up. IF ONLY!

I’ve even bought a beautiful glass decanter from a thrift store for $8! That’s the start of my future bar cart. The social society has a decanter on their site as well, a bit different than mine, and theirs is $50! I love finding deals in thrift stores, sometimes you just get lucky and they don’t realize how valuable some of their items are! But I’ve been finding that statement more and more untrue! It seems I find less and less and usually end up empty handed every time I go 😦



  1. brassowldesign

    I have a bar cart obsession also! I had been hunting for one for over a year. I thought my hunt for a cute bar cart was a total failure until one day I went into a local thrift store. I turned the corner and squealed. Yes squealed! The bar cart of my dreams was in front of me, and only $25. Best of luck, I know you will find a jem out there.

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