Terra Amoré Lookbook 2013

here’s the complete lookbook I shot for Terra Amoré Bridal Eco-Couture Collection 2013

photographer: Zoë Michelle (me)

model: Jessica Draven

hair/makeup: Lizet Rodriguez

2012Dec07_1250s 2012Dec07_1228s 2012Dec07_1192s 2012Dec07_1140s 2012Dec07_1185s 2012Dec07_1191s 2012Dec07_1092s 2012Dec07_1001s 2012Dec07_975s 2012Dec07_869s 2012Dec07_904s 2012Dec07_966s 2012Dec07_780s 2012Dec07_802s 2012Dec07_769s 2012Dec07_671s 2012Dec07_712s 2012Dec07_764s 2012Dec07_625s 2012Dec07_641s 2012Dec07_417s Terra Amoré lookbook 2012Dec07_259s




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