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Black, sequins, pink lips, leather jackets, fur coats, lace bras, these are a few of my favorite things right now 😉

Happy Friday!! Off to LA tomorrow in search of an apartment with my man, wish us luck! I’ll be posting all about it on instagram tomorrow (@zoemich3lle)

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stumbled upon this image on Sandi in the City. Shot for Marie Claire Australia November 2012 magazine. I don’t think its any one particular thing I like about it, but rather the combination of the pose, dress, color, lighting – It’s simple and graceful. I’m a big believer in simplicity and try to always remember that when I’m shooting.

Ikea wishlist

there are so many items I love from Ikea! I love having the ability to buy great simple design products for affordable prices! When I was in college I bought several pieces for my apartment there and to this day still have them! Now that sometime in the foreseeable future I hope to move to LA, I’ve been looking on Ikea again! I know, I’m horrible. Really the 1 thing I might buy is a new bed frame, mine is simply too large and heavy to take with me…But hey! no harm in looking and wanting things! So here’s some of the things I want:

1. ALEX drawer unit – this would be perfect for me! I think my printer would fit on top(maybe if the paper slots werent open) – I have a very large printer for printing my portfolio(prints up to 13×19 prints), and i could put all my larger paper inside. 🙂

2. DUKEN bed frame – This would be the bed frame I would buy. Simple, light, and $199. I love the cushion-y head board..& that its a grey cover so if it gets dirty, you can wash it.

3. MICKE desk – if I needed a new desk this would definitely be the desk I would buy, only $69. And I love that it has drawers! something that my current desk lacks.

4. NORDLI nightstand – this is the ultimate nightstand! why you ask? it has an outlet inside which you plug in from a cord coming off one of the legs, completely hidden! I am a huge fan of hidden cords and plug ins! But since its $79 and I don’t need a new nightstand, this will not be a purchase I will be making anytime soon. 😛



My favorite purchase of furniture that I currently own from Ikea would have to be….


This MALM occasional table – It sits in front of my bed against a wall with my tv mounted on the wall above. Whats so great about it is that its on casters and was made to slide over your bed to use as a table! So theoretically I can sit in bed and work on my computer while its right on the desk over my legs! I say “theoretically” because my current bed frame is very large and I have my bed fairly high, so unfortunately I cannot do this right now :(. But the fact that I could do this excites me! And once I get rid of my large bed frame I will be very happy to have this piece of furniture.


Street style inspiration

Love the skirt! I love the sweater + high waisted skirt combo!

I just can’t get enough of peplum shirts! I only have 3 but I’m obsessed!!!

Absolutely love this look! I almost bought an ostrich feather dvf jacket just like this! I just have no where to wear it! But I especially love the slouchy sleep pants with heels! I wanna rock this look.


Found an amazing new app! It’s called Stylebook. Basically it’s an easy way to catalogue your entire wardrobe(with tags, clothes type, ect). It’s super organized so once you take pictures of every article of clothing they help easily make the background transparent so you can create outfits and save them for future use! So handy! My friend said it reminded her of the closet computer program on the movie Clueless! Who else remembers this? Haha. Anyways here are some snaps below. And a link to their website! Watch their video to learn more!



Photo shoot inspiration

Organizing another shoot for next week! With of course, the lovely Jessica Draven! have to take advantage of her while shes visiting! I’ve been very inspired by all the black and gold I’ve been seeing lately! Especially the dolce and gabbana fall runway(picture below)! So detailed and amazing! I was hoping to find one piece or something similar but nothing to be found! Its very hard to be a wardrobe stylist! I give all you wardrobe stylists mad props! I usually somehow manage, but this time I may be out of luck! Where are all you amazing wardrobe stylists? come style my shoots please? haha. wishful thinking 🙂